fun times in cleveland again! : cleveland, part 2 [7]


Day 2 in Cleveland found us ready to brunch and bar[k] crawl with our friends and our dog. We went to Lucky’s Cafe in the Tremont neighborhood, a hipstery farm-to-table restaurant that has been featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives (and no, we aren’t purposefully going to restaurants featured on the Food Network, but I’m not mad about it). Oh man. This menu is insane. I was ready to get two of everything and call it a day… but instead our table ordered, among other things, a scramble with assorted vegetables and these incredible waffles with strawberry compote and whipped cream and salted caramel:

I was always a fan of sweet breakfasts as a kid, but have moved more towards eggs-and-peppers type breakfasts as an adult, but I can’t say no to amazing waffles when I come across them. And good lord, were these waffles amazing. I wanted to eat them all but only managed 2/3 of the waffle. We also got a baked mac-and-cheese for the table, which I HIGHLY recommend (as you know, I love cheese).

From there, we rolled over to West 25th St. Unfortunately, the West Side Market is closed on Thursdays, so we were unable to go. I am looking forward to visiting it next time we are in Cleveland! But the real attraction here is My Favorite Brewery of All The Breweries:

I was SO HAPPY to finally get here. SO HAPPY. I’ve lived outside of Great Lakes distribution area for the last two years and it has been a struggle – and I’m pretty sure we are well out of the distribution area once we get to California. So I had to visit The Motherland before we no longer had the chance. We drank plenty of beer – I will always recommend Dortmunder Gold and Commodore Perry IPA but if you really want to talk beer and want some Great Lakes suggestions let me know and I’m happy to oblige – and played the longest game of euchre that has ever been played. We were legitimately playing for most of the time we were at Great Lakes which was insane! Otherwise – I’ll let the pictures here speak for themselves:


On our way out, I stopped to write on and take pictures of this wall chalkboard/mural – can you guess which one is mine??
We got to see both of Cleveland’s buildings:
We also took an accidental driving tour of Cleveland in an attempt to see the “FREE” stamp, which ended up with us adventuring around downtown Cleveland. I did discover that Cleveland is home to a Taco Bell Cantina location, which is pretty legit. We did finally make it to the stamp but decided not to get out to look at it as we were already a little strapped for time:
From there, we headed back to our friends’ house to chill, get the doggo settled, and wait for another friend from Columbus to meet up with us for dinner. Once he arrived, we went to Happy Dog – and I was purposefully and woefully underprepared for what we were about to experience.
I will preface this by saying I am not a huge hot dog fan. I usually eat about one or two hot dogs a year, typically at a baseball game, so I figured that my hot dog at Fenway last week would cover me for the year. Oh. Oh, was I wrong. I am really not a fan of pork hot dogs, so I was pleased to learn that Happy Dog has beef dogs which are less displeasing to me. It is a create-your-own-hot-dog-adventure of the finest kind. I had what I called a “peanut butter jelly” dog with peanut butter and some sort of fruit jam, and a dog with lentil chili and shredded cheddar. Max got a similar chili-type-dog and what appears to be a salad on top of a hot dog. And cheesy tots. Cheese + potatoes = Dani’s favorite things, as you know. You could also create your own burger, which both Burger Creators chose to top with eggs. So, despite my general distaste for hot dogs, I enjoyed this restaurant and definitely recommend it if you are a hot dog lover.



We finished the night with a couple more games of euchre and a beer or two at home. A short trip to Cleveland, but a good one. Thanks to our lovely friends for being such great hosts! We are already looking forward to our next trip to The Land. Maybe by then there will be four buildings?

Also, we learned about this guy: for your reading pleasure/total WTF-ery. 🙂

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