the brew crew : milwaukee [9]

Max and I like to do this thing where we last-minute decide to go to a sports event we don’t necessarily care about whenever we are on vacation. We went to a Tampa Bay Lightning game in Tampa, a Preds game in Nashville, and this time we decided to go to a Brewers game. We were disappointed that the Cubs wouldn’t be in town and didn’t have much of an interest in seeing the White Sox since it was the opposite direction from all the other things we had planned in Chicago, so we figured that any more baseball on this trip would be a bust.

Cue us looking at a map from where we were staying and me having the realization that “wait…isn’t it only an hour and a half or so to drive to Milwaukee? Should we see if the Brewers are home?”

And they were! Max got in touch with one of his college friends who lives in Milwaukee and we got some tickets to see the Brewers play the Reds. We made plans to meet up for a pre-game brunch, and we were off.

A side note: I wasn’t very well traveled until I started dating Max, so my goal of “getting to all 50 states” has been rapidly expanding in the last five years. I’ve now been to the entire East Coast and am working my way through the Midwest. This trip is going to expand my list by quite a few – so when we had the opportunity to add a previously unplanned state to the trip I jumped on it.

Oh, Wisconsin. State #24 on my list.
We met up with Max’s friend and his fiance at a cafe called Mad Rooster near Miller Park. It had a surprisingly eclectic menu – benedicts, biscuits, breakfast standards but also breakfast tacos and Greek yogurt served in a pineapple – and the Bloody Marys looked absolutely outrageous. I am not a big bloody fan, so I didn’t order one; but they came with basically a salad on top and a 7 oz chaser pony bottle of beer. I guess that’s a thing in Milwaukee, and I am not mad about a town that loves their beer. Even if it is Miller. I ordered the chilaquiles, Max got biscuits and gravy, and everything that came out of that kitchen looked absolutely amazing:
After brunch, we drove over to a local bar to drop off the cars, get a beer, and get a shuttle to the Brewers game. A lot of bars in the area offer shuttles to the park which is AWESOME and I wish more cities did that! Plus they give you your beer in a plastic cup so you can take it on the shuttle with you. Once we got to the park, I got a Leinenkugel’s (because Wisconsin) and we settled in for some good ol’ baseball.

I was told that we had to find the giant glove for a picture (thanks, Sarah!!!) so we did that, and then shuttled back to the bar. We parted ways with our friends and Max and I headed to downtown Milwaukee for some brats and cheese curds and PBR (well, Max got a Schlitz), a necessity when you’re in Wisconsin.

After the delicious cheese curds were purged from the universe, we drove back down to Illinois for another wonderful home cooked dinner and an evening of laundry and other preparations for the next leg of our trip. From here we are leaving areas where we know people and heading out into the Wild Wild West…or, well, the Great Plains to adventure on our own. Our next planned stop is Des Moines, IA, which will be state #25 and also the furthest I have been from home up until this point (a weekend in California in 2015 notwithstanding).
Thank you to everyone who we have stayed with and met up with for your generosity and flexibility. It is so amazing that we have so many friends in so many places who are willing to upend their lives for us when we come through their towns. Y’all are welcome in California anytime!
Off to the road again… see you in Iowa!

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