Sunshine Blogger Award!

A million thanks to Kelly over at Poky Little Wanderer for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You are too sweet! 🙂 The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award given to and by bloggers for being creative, positive, and inspiring. I don't normally think of myself as those things (and certainly not all at once!) … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award!

olympics, penguins, and plenty of debauchery : atlanta [35]

While we were in Knoxville visiting my in-laws this spring, we took a side trip down to Atlanta to visit some dearly missed friends. This was our third trip to Atlanta together - and I'm honestly amazed we survived the first trip which is still, five years later, our scale for how bad of a hangover you … Continue reading olympics, penguins, and plenty of debauchery : atlanta [35]

spring break!!! : knoxville [34]

Hey y'all! Remember me? Remember this little baby blog that hasn't had any new posts in a few months? It's been a whirlwind of a summer...I started my grad school summer classes in June, July was full of concerts and travel and weddings and engagements and general insanity, and then California schools start SO early, … Continue reading spring break!!! : knoxville [34]

VEGAS BABY #slaycation2018 – girls weekend in Las Vegas [32]

As soon as we knew we'd be moving to the West Coast, my best friend and I started planning a Vegas trip. It's one of her favorite places to visit, and I'd never been before, so it seemed like the perfect destination for a girls' weekend. We went during Presidents' Day weekend, from Thursday until … Continue reading VEGAS BABY #slaycation2018 – girls weekend in Las Vegas [32]

new york city, part 1 [29]

new york city, center of the universe... Oh, New York. I grew up in "upstate" New York - actually Central New York, but most people who don't live in New York (and even many who do) consider anything outside of the boroughs to be "upstate." False, y'all. But I'll spare you the endless details of … Continue reading new york city, part 1 [29]