a weekend in kansas city [36]

Guys, the Kansas City airport is literally the weirdest airport I've been to. It's in the process of being completely overhauled which really adds to the feeling of being in an ~alternate dimension~. We walked off the plane and basically immediately exited the airport. MCI is basically just a big circle that was clearly designed … Continue reading a weekend in kansas city [36]

spring break!!! : knoxville [34]

Hey y'all! Remember me? Remember this little baby blog that hasn't had any new posts in a few months? It's been a whirlwind of a summer...I started my grad school summer classes in June, July was full of concerts and travel and weddings and engagements and general insanity, and then California schools start SO early, … Continue reading spring break!!! : knoxville [34]

cross country travels: SFO and Charlottesville, VA [24]

The first weekend of November found us heading back east for a friend's wedding in Charlottesville, Virginia. But, of course, not without some delays... We thought it would be a swell idea to fly from the small regional airport in Monterey to SFO to catch our flight to Dulles Airport. Of course, we were delayed … Continue reading cross country travels: SFO and Charlottesville, VA [24]

meet me in st. louis [18]

Shortly after arriving in California, we turned right around and hopped on a plane to head halfway back across the country for a wedding. Which was a great excuse for us to add another state and a few more airports to the list. Our day began quite early with a 7:something AM flight out of … Continue reading meet me in st. louis [18]